because it matters.

30 years in printing, graphic design,

and marketing industry.

when it comes to hiring a graphic designer, you need someone who knows what the heck they are doing.


It doesn't matter how pretty the design is—if it's not functional or is designed with the incorrect specs, then it is useless. You will have wasted time and money on a project that needs to be corrected by someone else. You also want to work with someone who is transparent and authentic. You want to work with someone whom you like, know, trust, and someone who cares as much as you do about your company—otherwise you're just hiring a warm body to do the work.

I have worked in the printing, design, and marketing industry for more than half my life. Experience matters. 


It matters when it comes to the client-designer relationship. I build relationships and I have your back. It matters when someone is really listening to your needs. And it matters when you receive the final product that is correct.

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.” 

 – Nelson Boswell 

"Simplicity is

the ultimate sophistication.” 

~Leonardo DaVinci  


This is who I am. I create clean and simple.
Simple is not boring. Simple is beautiful, it is
functional, and like DaVinci, it is classic.

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Good design and client relationship is only part of the equation. It all starts with experience."

Jeri Stunkard

Creative Entrepreneur

Small Business Owner

What they say...

In a career of more than twenty years, I've met and worked with numerous ad agencies and graphic designers.  Of all designers I've worked with, Jeri is the most talented, capable, and always my first choice.  Her deep knowledge of old-school print helps her consistently create designs that are not only beautiful but also executable. Her attention to detail and ability to adapt makes her a must-have resource for anyone working in the marketing, print, and promotional product space.  She has a talent and ability to see that crosses over multiple verticals and is not limited in what she can make happen. 

"Jeri is an amazing and talented graphic designer. She understands your needs and knows the style you are looking for making it a delight to work with her. I love working with Jeri and always look forward to seeing the finished product."




"Jeri is an amazing graphic designer! She thrives on her experience and creates designs that will capture any audience. I have had the opportunity to work with her volunteering our skills at a K-8 school. I have also had her design my business logo and promotional materials. She does an excellent job and I will hire her again!"

Jennifer Richardson


ReasonYou Portraits




deadline-driven • budget conscious • responsive


  • create brand style guides as part of a design package to ensure brand standards across
    all projects 

  • website clean up and branding


  • copywriting

  • brand writing

  • design and launch
    e-mail campaigns

  • attention-getting virtual presentations and slide shows

graphic design

  • logos

  • social media

  • print projects

  • digital projects

  • creative projects

  • packaging design

  • wix web design

creative works

  • custom graphics

  • social media graphics

  • signage design

  • marketing mail campaigns

  • brainstorm and curate promotional products and swag merchandise for customers as marketing and giveaway items

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