You gotta have faith.

My name is Jeri Stunkard. I am a creative entrepreneur, graphic designer, watercolorist, a die-hard fan of Pink (the performer and the color), lover of tattoos and coffee, a sucker for cute puppy videos, and creatively made by God.

I founded Have Faith Studio when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. My husband and I were a bit freaked out about the prospect of raising another child...but as I say, "You gotta have faith it will all work out." It did—and her middle name is Faith.

I grew up in the Nazarene Church in the heart of the Ozarks of Missouri. Even as a child I felt a connection to Jesus. My first Bible was one that I won at a small church drawing. My faith walk has been a journey. I left the church when I moved to Colorado to attend Art School. I looked for understanding and meaning elsewhere and (surprise) I didn’t find what I always knew I needed. Which is Jesus. I eventually did return to the church & Jesus, slowly at first, and over time I found my faith once more. Faith is an ever-changing journey, always growing and learning. Everyone's faith walk is different and often not a straight line.


My hope is to share tools and resources to help you along your own faith walk, wherever you are in that journey.

I am also a graphic designer with 30 years of experience. Check out my graphic design services page for more information. The graphic designer you choose for your next project matters.


Experience matters.