A 12-month guided journal to help you have faith, let it go, and leave your worries behind.


Thoughtful journaling prompts to help you tame the anxiety living in your head so you can live your best life.


Beautifully designed Bible verses to calm your

spirit and remind you to lean

on your faith during time of anxiety.


Built an everyday habit of walking in faith and let go of the anxiety that clutters your heart and mind—and remind you WHO is in control.


A 52-week journal filled with note pages to guide you in your faith walk.

Grow stronger in your faith with inspirational Bible study journaling to guide you along your faith walk.

• Learn to Analyze and Apply Scripture
• 52-week Faith & Gratitude Journal
• Beautiful Bible Verse Artwork
• Sermon Note Pages for Each Sunday
• Bible Reading Checklist

• Learn How to Color-Code Your Bible

Free Bible Study Resources

Below are Bible study resources to help with your faith journey. Enjoy!

Color-Coding Bookmark

Learn to Color-Code Verses

Color-coding is a tool that allows us to slow down when reading our Bible. Using different colors, we use the code to highlight important information and themes such as, instruction, names, joy, warnings, etc.

Free Bible Color Coding 2.jpg

S.O.A.P. Method

Bible Study Note Page

S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Use this method to easily learn more about the scripture you are reading. Learn how to apply the verse(s) to your life today and always end with a prayer.

Faith Over Fear

Bible Exercise

Faith Over Fear is an exercise in putting your fear to rest through scripture. Start by writing out your fears. Because it is "faith over fear" you will end by writing out the faith verse listed above (over) your written fear statement.


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Have Faith Everyday

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You gotta have faith.

Hello. My name is Jeri Stunkard. I am a creative entrepreneur, graphic designer, watercolorist, a die-hard fan of Pink (the performer and the color), lover of tattoos and coffee, a sucker for cute puppy videos, and creatively made by God.

I founded Have Faith Studio when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. My husband and I were a bit freaked out about the prospect of raising another child...but as I say, "You gotta have faith it will all work out." It did—and her middle name is Faith.

I grew up in the Nazarene Church in the heart of the Ozarks of Missouri. Even as a child I felt a connection to Jesus. My first Bible was one that I won at a small church drawing. My faith walk has been a journey. I left the church when I moved to Colorado to attend Art School. I looked for understanding and meaning elsewhere and (surprise) I didn’t find what I always knew I needed. Which is Jesus. I eventually did return to the church & Jesus, slowly at first, and over time I found my faith once more. Faith is an ever-changing journey, always growing and learning. Everyone's faith walk is different and often not a straight line.

My hope is to share tools and resources to help you along your own faith walk, wherever you are in that journey. Won’t you join me?

This is my personal verse I live by:

"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will happen;

it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” ~HEBREWS 11:1


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